Marble Surface

Angela Browne Ltd was established by Angie Smith, Michael Browne and Adrian Lloyd James, who all trained together at the Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art back in the Eighties.

While Adrian spent the years after college days acting, directing and running Tabs Productions, Angie and Michael pursued a slightly different route, founding a roleplay and drama based training company to run alongside their own acting careers.

Since 1997, Michael Browne Associates Ltd has been in the business of sourcing, casting and managing teams of corporate actors for roleplay, assessment, training, forum theatre and video across the UK, using an extensive and diverse database of around 750 professional actors.

 As the business expanded to include writing, directing, devising and producing for training and corporate events, Angie and Michael started looking for a way to link this expertise back to their theatre roots and turned to their friend and colleague for advice and support.  They were delighted when Adrian agreed to join them in this joint venture.

“The Graduate” was our first project, co-produced with Tabs Productions in the spring of 2010 to great acclaim. A specially commissioned play starring Ed Reardon of Radio 4 fame followed at the Pleasance in Edinburgh, and then a sellout tour of "Raining Men" entertained audiences across the country in 2012.

Anthony Horowitz's 'Mindgame' was our next production, taken on from its successful 2016 part in the Nottingham Theatre Royal's Colin Macintyre Classic Thriller Season. After a critically acclaimed tour, we were invited for a limited run at the Ambassadors Theatre in London in the summer of 2018, paving the way for a further successful tour in the spring of 2019.

Our aim is to create a quality theatre experience for a reasonable ticket price, keep drama local - and just to entertain audiences across the UK.